How to Install and Configure Cluster with Two Nodes in Linux

How to Install and Configure Cluster with Two Nodes in Linux

How to install and configure clustering on Linux

For this we need to install below packages in all three servers.

  • Ricci (ricci-0.16.2-75.el6.x86_64.rpm)
  • Luci (luci-0.26.0-63.el6.centos.x86_64.rpm)
  • Mod_cluster (modcluster-0.16.2-29.el6.x86_64.rpm)
  • CCS (ccs-0.16.2-75.el6_6.2.x86_64.rpm)
  • CMAN(cman-
  • Clusterlib (clusterlib-

Step 1: Installing Clustering in Linux

So let’s start installing these packages in all three servers. You can easily install all these packages using yum package manager.

I will start by installing “ricci” package on all these three servers.

yum install “ricci

After ricci installation is done, we can see it has installed mod_cluster and cluster lib as its dependencies.

Next I’m installing luci using yum install “luci” command.

yum install "luci"

After the installation of luci, you can see it has installed the dependencies it needed.

Now, let’s install ccs package in the servers. For that I entered yum install ccs.x86_64 which is shown in the list when I issued yum list |grep “ccs” or else you can simply issue yum install “ccs”.

yum install “ccs”

Let’s install cman as the last requirement for this particular setup. The command is yum install “cman” or yum install cman.x86_64 as shown in the yum list as I mentioned earlier.

yum install “cman”

We need to confirm the installations are in place. Issue below command to see whether the packages we needed are installed properly in all three servers.

rpm -qa | egrep "ricci|luci|modc|cluster|ccs|cman"

Perfect all the packages are installed and all we need to do is configuring the setup.

Step 2: Configure Cluster in Linux

  • As the first step for setting up the cluster, you need to start the ricci service on all three servers.
# service ricci start
# /etc/init.d/ricci start 
  • Since ricci is started in all servers, now it’s time to create the cluster. This is where ccs package comes to our help when configuring the cluster.

If you don’t want to use ccs commands then you will have to edit the “cluster.conf”file for adding the nodes and do other configs. I guess easiest way is to use following commands. Let’s have a look.

Since I haven’t created the cluster yet, there’s no cluster.conf file created in /etc/cluster location yet as shown below.

cd /etc/cluster

In my case, I do this in which is dedicated for cluster management. Now onwards, everytime we try to use ricci server, it will ask for ricci’s password. So you will have to set the password of ricci user in all servers.

Enter passwords for ricci user.

passwd ricci

Now enter the command as shown below.

ccs -h --createcluster tecmint_cluster

You can see after entering above command, cluster.conf file is created in /etc/cluster directory.

This is how my default cluster.conf looks like before I do the configs.

  • Now let’s add the two nodes to the system. In here also we use ccs commands to make the configurations. I’m not going to manually edit the cluster.conf file but use the following syntax.
ccs -h --addnode

Add the other node too.

This is how cluster.conf file looks like after adding the node servers.

You also can enter below command to verify node details.

ccs –h --lsnodes

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