Position 1: Software Developer

Here, you have an ocean of opportunities. Whether you want to develop software for desktops or for mobiles, whether you are interested in developing web applications or automation developer, all you need is an engineering degree or a professional degree to ab able to read and write codes.

Position 2: System Analyst

Analysing present IT architecture and improving to meet the needs of today is one of the most challenging aspects. Being a system analyst, you evaluate the performance of the existing system and amend and build new ones. You need a technical degree plus professional degree in the IT.

Position 3: IT Support Analyst

IT support analyst is one who provides solutions to IT newbies and technical experts. The main area of work is on-demand IT solutions as well as troubleshooting.

Position 4: Network Engineer

To build and maintain the high-performance level of the IT infrastructure, Network Engineer plays the most critical role. The system includes LAN, WAN, Communication Tools, and computing devices themselves. Engineering degree with IT background is the preference.

Position 5: Web Developer

Can you imagine the world without web now? You can swear by your expertise in creating and designing websites and web pages using multiple platforms and languages. A professional degree is must through.

Position 6: Project Manager

Being project in charge in IT is hectic but grants a huge opportunity to excel in every aspect of IT. You don’t only manage the system, but also manage the talent and utilize in the best of form to achieve targets. An IT background is a must.

Position 7: QA Analyst

Building an app and testing is not enough, one needs to check the quality consistently as well. Besides technical aspects, there are human aspects too which needs attention. IT graduate could well become a QA analyst.

Position 8: IT consultant

Get into the advisory role once you attain an excellence in any of the main fields of the IT and help businesses develop IT based business and technological ideas. Besides IT education background, one need huge experience.

Position 9: Pre Sales

IT marketing, a few think, is easy, but it is anything but. However, you can have a lucrative career if you have basic IT knowledge and a degree in marketing.

Position 10: Data Analyst

The world is yet to explore the possibilities in this field. If you have the gumption for analyzing data and putting them into perspective to inspire the sales, you are set to achieve big in next decade.

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